naft / NAGAE+

“naft” is metal product brand which combined advanced metal processing technologies and traditional inherited skills.
Techniques, characteristic and unique beauty of metals are carefully distilled and moved a figure to the daily life products.


naftは古くから受け継がれてきた伝統の技と先端の金属加工技術を融和させた金属製品のブランドです。 金属独自の美しさや技術・特性が丁寧に蒸留され生活用品へと姿を移します。

Sprinkle / Coat hook
This coat hook is inspired by the random situation of the natural phenomenon that an ivy and a dirt of the weathering covers the wall naturally.

Section / Umbrella stand
The top surface of this umbrella stand looks like a section, a cutting surface of metal. Simple and practical, it holds nine umbrellas at most.

Oyster lamp, oyster, oyster Tray / Pendant Lamp, Pen stand, Pen tray
The “Oyster” series is a product line using the construction folded by one piece of metal sheet.

Bone/Paper knife
This letter opener describes the aesthetics of functional minimalism. Simple and stylish, the shape features the ‘bone’ of the function.

Shizuku / Sake cup, Beer cup, Rocks glass
The beautiful piece which I found in the corner of the factory was a shape to appear accidentally when I failed in metal molding. I brought about the series of the bottle and cup while controlling the shape carefully.

Float / Coat stand
It is the coat stand which cut out a poetic instant when a material loses gravity and float above its body.


NAGAE / 2011

>Assistant Designer
Katsuhiro Nakano
Yui Soma
Alexandre Echasseriau

Takumi Ota