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Oiya is a project to create novel building materials by harnessing the tile production techniques of Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture. To achieve this, three pottery companies on the island with their own established techniques have come together to rally around the concept of “Feeling a connection with the Island” The collective goal of these compa- nies is to draw on the special properties of “Awaji smoked roofing tiles,” each of which possesses a unique appearance depending on how it was fired, in order create products with superior quality and design with tiles taking on different forms or being used in different ways.


oiya / 2021
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Public furniture

Tatsumi Corporation
Mihara Tokusyu-Kawara Co.
Nomizu Co. Ltd.

>Assistant Designer
Miyu Ikeda

>Art direction
Haruhiko Taniuchi (desegno ltd.)

Isao Hashinoki (nomadica)