New dining furniture series “CUFUL” and “ECELA” were released from japanese furniture brand HUKLA in December 2015.

CUFUL is constructed with light leg frames made of bended plywood, and they are comfortable to sit on as the seats are made of molded urethane.

ECELA is a living-dining crossover series-Furniture that is deep and comfortable to sit in, as well as excellent for dining. There are 11 items in the ECELA range, including a 3-seater, one seater, corner unit, bench seat, table etc. 

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昨年の12月に家具ブランド HUKLA(日本フクラ)から、新作ダイニングシリーズ「CUFUL (カフル) 」とリビングダイニングシリーズ「ECELA (エセラ) 」がリリースされました。



HUKLA website