I designed this shop from the viewpoint of “localization” so that the brand HAY will become familiar with the place called Osaka in Japan and be loved by people.
HAY showrooms around the world have taken advantage of the Nordic brand to capture soft light and express the space with traditional herringbone wood panels and clean colors. On the other hand, the products have an avant-garde character, and I think the balance of the opposite elements is the charm of HAY.
While imagining these things, I came up with the idea of creating a chemical reaction by associating HAY with local culture, craftsmanship and materials when re-expressing it in Osaka, Japan. The colorful fences that separate the spaces were manufactured in a traditional factory close to the shop. A silicon tube of a different color was fixed to the wire mesh and the HAY logo was graphically displayed.
Inspired by Japanese comics, the exhibition furniture uses inflatable materials that expand instantly. You can choose the size from 3 or 2 tiers, and if you don’t need it, you can remove the air and make it smaller and store it in the backyard. Other ideas that reflect Japan’s unique culture are scattered throughout this shop.
HAY will be localized in Japan. At that moment, a chemical reaction occurs, and the new HAY is expressed as avant-garde. That is the purpose of our design this time.

HAY OSAKA / 2022
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shop / podium & sign pole

>Interior design
Shizuka Iijima (Iijima design)

>Assistant Designer
Miyu Ikeda
Liu Shanshan

Tetsuo Kashiwada