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We participated in the “HIGASHIOSAKA FACTORIES” project, which aims to create and disseminate the diverse technologies and innovative manufacturing of Higashiosaka. In cooperation with Kyowa Steel Co., Ltd., which manufactures diamond-shaped wire net, we worked on the planning and design of products using this wire net.
When I visited the factory and touched the diamond-shaped wire net, it was different from my image of cold and inorganic metal wire. On touch, it was almost soft, and its heaviness gave me a warmth. It reminded me of my childhood days, the feeling of climbing up a metal fence, with it rubbing on my leg, the sound of a kicked ball hitting the fence, leaning up against the wire etc… Those kind of materials.
Afterwards, I came up with the idea for a modular bench, which has similar warm characteristics. It has a delicate and sharp look, but softens and supports your body when you sit down in it. Due to the manufacturing characteristics of diamond-shaped wire netting, it is possible to adjust its length freely, and we made a modular bench which can be adjusted to various lengths, according to use and situation.

東大阪の多彩な技術や創意に富んだモノづくりの新たな魅力の創出と発信を目的としたプロジェクト「HIGASHIOSAKA FACTORies」に参加。ひし形金網を製造する共和鋼業と協働で、この金網を用いた製品の企画・デザインに取り組んだ。

AMU UMU / 2021
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Modular bench

Mitsuru Sakurai