Phantom / smaller objects

In French the term ‘vide-poche’ is used for a small container – in your entry hall or at bedside – where to put your keys, small change etcetera. What would be lightest way to provide this; to make your small valuables lightly float in suspension before returning to your pocket next day?
Originally, the technique of heat pressing polyester mesh was used for producing oil filters of car engines. When we met the Japanese manufacture NBC Meshtech Inc. they used the same technology to supply the quality industry with a product for sifting wheat flour.
I was intrigued by the beauty. I really saw some design possibilities in this up-until-now solely industrial product.
Together with the manufacture he researched and developed a bowl that would use the least amount of material, yet be rigid enough to hold the weight. The result is a vide-poche, which appears almost non-material; like a phantom.


Smaller Objects / 2016

Mesh tray [large]
Mesh tray [small]

>Assistant Designer
Takuto Kurashima

Kenta Hasegawa