Bamboo Chair / A New Layer II

At the invitation of NTCRI (National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute), we collaborated with bamboo furniture makers in Taiwan to develop a new typology of bamboo furniture. Taiwan has a lot of bamboo forests, and bamboo has been used as a material for making daily necessities and furniture since ancient times. In some cases, it has developed in a slightly different way from Japanese bamboo processing methods, and I came up with the idea of developing the typology of decorative chairs made in East Asia. Comfortable seating was realized by the structure using the spring property of bamboo, which became the symbolic outline of this chair.
As another version of this chair, they are developing a design that uses Taiwanese indigo dyeing technology to dye the chair itself.

Led by NTCRI (National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute), the ongoing A New Layer project and platform aims to foster new partnerships between Taiwanese and international designers and craftspeople. In 2017, the project moved into its second phase, with research and development wrapping up this month on “A New Layer II: Crafting Identities / Design Stories from Taiwan”.
In order to transform traditional Taiwanese craftsmanship products into contemporary design objects and furniture, the NTCRI invited Belgium-based curator Lise Coirier as Art Director and 7 internationally based designers from France, Germany, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, and Switzerland to Taiwan to work with some of the most talented local craftspeople on the island.

Sebastian Herkner
Julie Richoz
Wonmin Park
Anton Alvarez
Jin Kuramoto


本プロジェクト「 A New Layer II 」は、台湾の伝統工芸職人と国際的なデザイナーとのパートナーシップによる活動で、現代の生活様式と伝統工芸技術の融合の形を模索するものです。プロジェクトディレクターにベルギーのキュレーターLise Coirier氏を迎え、彼女によって選ばれたフランス、ドイツ、イスラエル、日本、韓国、スウェーデン、スイスの7人の国際的なデザイナーがプロジェクトに参加している。


A New Layer II / 2017

>Project director
Lise Colreir

Jian Cheng Lin and Wen-Chun Tang (Taiwan)

>Assistant Designer
Chialing Chang

A New Layer II