Touch / AGC Asahi Glass

We were approached by AGC Asahi Glass to collaborate with them and with London based design studio Raw-Edges to create an exhibition during Salone del Mobile 2017.

The exhibit―titled “Touch”―places a focus on “The Feel of Glass,” which is inspired by the human sense of touch. We were quite puzzled by the theme of ‘Touch’ as from early age we are taught not to touch glass directly as it is fragile and shouldn’t be left with marks. And now, we should encourage the visitors of the exhibition to do just the opposite.

These works of design, which are exploring new aspects of glass production such as special coating and unique methods of expression, hopefully inspire a new approach toward glass and open the door to exciting possibilities for this versatile material in our everyday lives.

2017年のミラノサローネ、ロンドンのデザインスタジオRaw-Edgesとの協業のもと [Touch] と題したAGCの展覧会を開催した。


AGC Asahi Glass / 2017

Drum / Seesaw / Touch mobile

>Assistant Designer
Miyu Ikeda

AGC Asahi Glass

Akihide Mishima