Vannfall / Nedre Foss

The project started with this kind of design briefing, “Daily necessities indicating the charm of sculpture”.
We tried to express the attractiveness of random and asymmetry hidden in the prototype model and its process by mass production products.
First, Wraping a rope around a frame made of wire, and apply fibrous clay dissolved in water. A prototype model made by hand was scanned with beautiful aspects as three-dimensional data in a 3D studio, Then a metal tooling was produced by CNC cutting based on the three-dimensional data. At the end, we replaced the material with glass and manufactured water jugs using a combination of blown glass and injection molding.

ある日、ノルウェイのデザイン事務所Anderssen & Vollからメールが届いた。彼らが作りあげたブランド”Nedre Foss”のために何か新しい道具をデザインしてくれないかというものであった。読み進めるとさらに「彫刻の魅力を宿す道具」という彼らのデザインブリーフィング。この感じ、なんだか気が合うなと感じた。その後、色々と想いを巡らすうちに試作モデルや製造段階の時にある不完全や不揃いの魅力をうまく量産製品でも表現できないか?というアプローチにたどり着いた。

Nedre Foss / 2019
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water jug

>Assistant designer
Chialing Chang

Nedre Foss